Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's a Good Day to be a Rangers Fan

The Texas Rangers won their first playoff game in 11 years!  5-1 over the Rays.  That's pretty exciting stuff around here.  
My Dad, being a HUGE Rangers fan, told me they won.  I said, "Yeah, I know.  5-1."  And proceeded to throw out a little more information about the game.  He was shocked.  He thought I had {GASP} watched the game!  I did not say that I watched it...I never lied.  I may have mentioned a couple of players by name, which is what got me in trouble.

And then the husband chooses this moment to speak and tells him I got my info from facebook.  My brother had been posting updates during the game.  

This is what I made for my Dad's birthday.  It's not baseball related, but it is Texas.  In all of my banner making I have not made a Texas Rangers banner.  Guess I need to get on that.

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