Thursday, October 14, 2010


My mom went on a sisters weekend last week.  6 of her 7 sisters, 1 of her 3 sisters-in-law, and her 1 mom were there.  I saw pictures, and it looked like so much fun.  It makes me wish I had a sister.  I don't.

But, I do have lots of aunts, some of which are pretty close to my age, so kinda like a sister.

My mom asked if I would make a zipper pouch for each of her sisters.  Of course I said yes.  The best part was using lots of fabric from my Nana (their mom) that I picked out of her stash a few years ago.

It's so much fun being able to make stuff...for other people.

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  1. I got the green paisley one (pictured first 'cause it's the best!). Thanks for making these. We did have a fabulous time at our Sisters' Weekend. I'm not an aunt near your physical age but hopefully, I'm near your mental age! :)