Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's in Madeline's Bag

I've seen lots of "What's in my bag" posts, and my bag isn't nearly as fun as Madeline's.  So here's what my 4 year old considers a must-have.

1. Purse made by Santa (according to Madeline he borrowed my sewing machine)
2. Birthday Duck
3. Mini key-chain flashlight
4. Tissue
5. Spray hand sanitizer
6. Floss
7. Rubber Skeleton
8. Compact brush/mirror 
9. "Lipstick" 
10. Wooden heart mirror (that I received as a college graduation gift, but has somehow become Madeline's)
11. more "Lipstick"
12. Boy in girl clothes (Prince Charming Madame Alexander Happy Meal Toy)
13. Zipper pouch made by the Easter Bunny (who also borrowed my sewing machine)
14. Wallet made by Santa (it came with the purse)

1 comment:

  1. Madeline and Ash do have way cooler purses than we do. Ash always had the perfect accessories - I have dirty kleenex

    love the blog wish I had your talents!