Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We went to the park to feed the ducks. I planned on getting lots of cute outdoor photos. What happened was this...we pulled into the parking lot and see probably 40 ducks. We get out of the car and they start to head our way. By the time I get the bread out, they are upon us. I start tearing and tossing the bread and the kids are scared/screaming because the ducks are getting too close to them.

I quickly emptied our bread bag and hurried the kids into the the ducks followed us. 

I may have gotten a little hysterical myself and I may have had a quick daymare (is that what a daydream/night mare would be called?) of one of the ducks jumping into my car.

This is the only picture I got. We were safe in the car.

But our adventure wasn't quite over. On our way home we got stuck in traffic for about 20 minutes due to a bank robbery/stand off with the cops. After getting around the closed off intersection, we made it home safely. Phew!

What have YOU been up to today?

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  1. This is so funny!!! And the only reason I laugh is because the same exact thing has happened to us!! And I totally get your daymare! I had the same one!!!! LOL!!