Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I didn't think it was a good day...

...until I looked at all of these pictures.

It got even better when I looked at Madeline's camera.  Which they had outside with them, while playing.

Looks like they had a little photo shoot.  They're so sweet.  

I'm not gonna lie, I was not thinking sweet thoughts when they were throwing fits due to a lack of napping, running around the house, mocking me (yes, my 2 year old did a little impression of me yelling) and just general MAYHEM!  

I'm glad I sat down and looked at all of these.  Puts my day into perspective.


  1. Wow, Topper is using his glue stick like such a big boy! Love the puppets! Way to go teacher!
    We should play together soon!

  2. We watched some Charlie and Lola today...i forgot Lola has a stuffed fox that she just loves...made me think of your kiddos! I wish I could meet them and have them over...they would probably get the biggest kick out of our guinea pigs. Our 3 yr old neighbor adores them and brings them bags of carrots and lettuce!

  3. Well, they are the second set of cutest kids in the world! ;) God made them cute so we don't pinch their heads off during the whiney months. LOL!

  4. Two thoughts - Candy Apple Mayhem begets Children Mayhem and Did Topper take the pic of Madeline on the woodpile? Wow!